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Manage Abrasive Leaders & Bring Teams Together

As a workplace conflict expert and bestselling author, I help you turn around your high-performing (and challenging) leaders, strengthen communication, increase productivity, and build trust across your organization.

Most leaders are tired of dealing with conflict that undermines productivity.

Does this sound familiar:
  • Your team tends to either avoid or overreact during conflict
  • Team members need help staying calm to keep tense conversations on track
  • You’re losing valuable employees due to unresolved team conflict

Wouldn't it be great if tough issues could be addressed without angry outbursts, feelings getting hurt, or your valuable time and energy being spent on mending tensions between employees?

What if there was a way to get everyone fulfilling the important work of your organization?

With one conversation we can develop a plan to help you resolve conflict with ease and build team trust so you can accelerate results and create a healthy work culture.

The Process is Simple

Schedule a Call

Bonnie offers a complimentary consultation that you can schedule right here. Talk to Bonnie to figure out a roadmap to resolve conflict so everyone is working in the same direction.

Create your customized plan

Whether you need a keynote speaker, training for your team, or coaching to address the specific issues in your organization, together we’ll figure out how to best help you get the results you’re looking for.

Transform your organization

Once you execute the plan, you’ll see and feel the results of eliminating team turmoil and boosting team trust…and start sleeping better at night!

Speaking & Coaching



Bonnie’s trainings create an experience where teams transform how they communicate and handle conflict so they leaving knowing how to improve the way they get along.

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Whether it’s coaching a leader who wants to up-level their emotional intelligence to resolve conflict or turnaround abrasive behaviors, Bonnie coaches leaders who want to improve their leadership effectiveness.


Meet Bonnie Artman Fox

Hi, I’m Bonnie, I know how damaging conflict can be to an organization which is why I’ve dedicated over twenty-five years of my career to helping organizations just like yours to resolve conflict and build trust.

As a Workplace Conflict Expert, my mission is to come alongside you and equip you with the interpersonal skills to make conscious choices in how you communicate and uncover the unexpected ways conflict can make your team stronger and more cohesive.

Schedule a call with me to discover how you and your team can stop struggling and start creating a more productive, cohesive workplace.

How much longer are you going to allow unresolved conflict, poor behaviors, and lack of trust to continue to affect your business and cost you money?

  • 85% of employees report dealing with conflict on some level. U.S. employees spend 2.1 hours per week involved in conflict, which amounts to approximately $359 billion in paid hours.
  • Over half of employees (54%) believe leaders don't want to deal with uncomfortable conversations.
  • Don’t let another week go by dreading those meetings that end in shouting, hurt feelings, or walking by “that” cubicle and losing sleep at night.

It's not too late! Resolving your team conflict is POSSIBLE and
Bonnie can help!