4 Things Millennials Want Out of the Work Place

As a millennial, I want the same things people have always wanted out of their jobs. The only difference is, I think I prioritize them a bit differently.

Here’s my list…

  1. To Make a Difference

You may think 20-something-year-olds are highly concerned with themselves. It’s that time in life to “find yourself.” While we are still in the midst of discovering who we are, millennials are very concerned with the world and the people that surround them. We want to make a difference in the community, environment and the lives of others. We want our 40 hours to mean something and we want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

  1. Work Hard, Play Hard

This is otherwise known as “work life balance.” Since I was young, I have been hearing the same message through books, history, art, music, parents, grandparents, etc. Time is precious. Millennials understand that and take it seriously, which is why we value work life balance maybe a little bit more than older generations. This does not mean we don’t care about our work, but rather, we make the most of our time both at work and outside of it. As long as work is done, deadlines are met, and clients are happy, why can’t I take an extra day to spend with the family over the holidays?

  1. Give me a challenge

It’s no secret that I’ve grown up in a world that was and still is growing with distractions. I think millennials generally want jobs that are going to make them think and adapt. Easy and predictable is boring.

  1. I want to wake up and WANT to go to work

Another piece of advice that I have been hearing for years is to choose a job that I will actually like. Again, millennials have taken this advice to heart (all those years you thought we were ignoring you… we weren’t). Millennials want to do something they are passionate about, which ties together points one and three. Passion drives us to make that difference and pushes us through challenging times.

            I also obviously look for a job that puts me in a good position to reach my goals and one that will compensate me enough to live comfortably.

            We are young and driven. What we may lack in years of experience, we make up for in innovative thinking and efficient problem solving skills. And if you’re new to Twitter, Reddit or Instagram, we got you covered.

Taylor Clayton is a creative digital marketer and search engine optimization analyst. She helps business owners transition into the digital age while upholding established branding and messaging familiar to consumers. Her work as an SEO analyst includes conducting market research and keyword analysis to help clients gain greater exposure in search engine results.

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