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I believe that magic happens when people have the courage to talk honestly about what is *really* going on in the workplace.

Call it an elephant in the room, or what they call it in one of the languages in Papua New Guinea: a “Mokita” – a word that means, “the truth we know about and agree not to speak of.”

Managing the impact of employees exhibiting disruptive behavior, settling infighting, dealing with gossip – these are the things you need to do, but get stuck on how.

Whatever you call it – these are the conversations we avoid at all costs. And despite our best efforts, they are also what tear apart our teams and destroy our organizations.

But what if you knew how to face those “Mokitas?” And not only face them, but what if you could do something powerful with them – like leading your team back together?

My goal is to help you resolve differences sooner and make work relationships stronger so you can reduce the stress that often accompanies conflict.

That kind of magic is possible. I believe in it because I’ve seen it firsthand. I began my career by spending decades as a psychiatric nurse and licensed family therapist.

In helping thousands of people deal with the elephant in the room and resolve conflict in their personal and professional lives, I’ve developed the tools you need to make that magic happen, too.

But I’ll also tell you, in my 25+ years in conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, I’ve learned that change is always a choice. Everything starts with intention: stopping the cycle of putting out fires and committing to doing things differently.

The work begins by finally choosing to have those tough conversations, uncovering the real roots of issues that undermine employees’ performance, productivity, and team cohesiveness, and asking for the right tools to address them.

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If you’re ready to make that conscious choice to stop the cycle, you won’t have to face the elephant in the room alone anymore.

Whether you need leadership coaching, team building, or even organization-wide training - I’ll be here for you every step of the way.

We’ll bring your team (and organization) together, one “Mokita” at a time.

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