About Bonnie Artman Fox

What makes this Work Culture Expert, Speaker, and Coach different?


Meet Bonnie Artman Fox who is more than a speaker and coach specializing in work culture. As a marriage & family therapist and psychiatric nurse, Bonnie brings a unique skill set and perspective to building high-performing work cultures. Given a rare gift of being able to listen intently and ask insightful questions, Bonnie uncovers the real root of the issue plaguing your company. Her insights are life changing and with a contagious smile and genuine heart, you’ll discover why more than one executive has said “Bonnie has the ability to engage and motivate people, deliver actionable concepts, and provide singular insight into interpersonal dynamics that forge an effective workplace”.

Over the past 25 years, Bonnie has taken C-Level Executives from concept to action to strengthen organizational health and create work environments where people function at their highest level. Her proven methods result in optimized employee performance, leadership impact, and competitive advantage.

Simply put, she coaches leaders in the key behaviors and interpersonal skills needed to create a thriving, productive workplace that gives you a competitive advantage.

Known as a compelling speaker, coach, and story teller, Bonnie will keep you engaged as she opens your mind to possibilities for positive change in your organization.

Why hire Bonnie as your Work Culture Speaker and Coach?

  • Expertise & Experience

    Prior to her work as a Work Culture Speaker and Coach, Bonnie has worked in diverse clinical and leadership positions as a psychiatric nurse and licensed marriage & family therapist. She has equipped people with communication and emotional intelligence skills in both their personal and professional lives. She knows the ingredients it takes for leaders to gain self-awareness and emotional control to create a work culture that compels your employees to thrive. 

  • She will ask you questions that Scratch like a Kitten

    While gentle and soft spoken, she will ask you questions that get you thinking. Her approach is to focus on your strengths while asking questions that Scratch like a Kitten – they don’t necessarily hurt, but you know something just happened and will prompt you to deeper insight and better decisions.

  • Truth teller

    Because she cares more about your leadership impact than if you like her, she will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.  She will save you years of mis-steps and lost time by helping you get out of your own way.

  • Authentic

    Known for her genuine warmth and as a skilled listener, you feel at ease to talk about what’s really going on instead of what will make you look good. She has an innate ability to get to the heart of the issue without all the fluff. Using her best practices philosophy, including almost two decades of mindfulness, Bonnie walks her talk to stay calm under pressure and create a rapport of trust.

  • Big Audacious Mission

    Having heard more than two hundred stories about the impact of abrasive bosses, poor communication, and other crazy-making behaviors, Bonnie is on a mission to stop behaviors that turn into dysfunction by strengthening organizational health in the workplace. She is achieving this one company at a time by teaching senior leaders how to be intentional and systematic in building a culture plan that is sustainable for the life of the company. 

  • Affiliations

    As a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association and secretary of the Pittsburgh chapter, she has her finger on the pulse of current business trends. She’s also a member of WESTART – Westmoreland Employers Supporting Treatment and Recovery Today, a task force to educate employers about drug addiction in the workplace.

What’s your next step?

Contact Bonnie today. Let’s have a conversation about how you and your team could benefit from creating a work culture plan that strengthens your organization health and gives your company the competitive advantage.