About Bonnie Artman Fox


Have you ever:

  • Experienced angry outbursts, hurt feelings, or stressful conflicts at work?
  • Found yourself picking up the slack for a co-worker like you did for a sibling?
  • Felt the conflict in your meetings reminded you of your family dinner table?
  • Wondered if there was a better way to handle these situations?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there.

As a Workplace Conflict Expert for 25+ years, I’ve had a front-row seat helping individuals and organizations handle conflict more effectively.

My goal is to help you resolve differences sooner and make work relationships stronger so you can reduce the stress that often accompanies conflict.

Drawing from my own family experience, I've witnessed the impact of lasting tensions created by painful disagreements. I still remember the silent treatment going on for days.

And from my work as a licensed family therapist and psychiatric nurse I know first-hand the stomach aches, the non-stop anxiety, and the building resentment that is a result of unaddressed and mismanaged conflict on the job.

Want good news?

There are ways you can learn to respond instead of react during conflict. There are ways you can identify the influences that were modeled for you growing up and you can adopt more positive, more proactive and conscious responses to difficult situations and people.

That’s why I named my company “A Conscious Choice.”

Because it takes a conscious effort to recognize unconscious influences that are affecting us at work.

Because it requires whenever we’re at a conflict crossroads, we are mindful about what we say so that our words help rather than hurt relationships. And when we learn to make these conscious choices, not only do we trust that we can handle these situations more constructively, other people around us do too.

Clients value my diplomatic tact to bring up sensitive situations they’ve never had the courage to express before. They trust the confidentiality of our coaching sessions and are grateful for the life-changing insight and recommendations.

I’ve made it my personal mission to help people get real and get results.

What I have found in my work with thousands of individuals around the country is that when we have the courage to talk honestly about what happened, magic happens.

About Bonnie

And when we have the courage to address what is really going on in our workplaces, we can resolve what’s going wrong instead of avoiding it.

And most importantly, when we learn practical techniques for facing sensitive situations head on - it positively impacts everything we do and serves all involved.

When I’m not actively assisting companies and individuals, you can usually find me exploring this wonderful world of ours with my husband. No matter where I’ve gone on this planet, I love the common ground we can always find in the universal language of a genuine smile with kindness and compassion.

Are you looking for:

  • A speaker for your next company conference or association meeting
  • Customized internal training and workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Ongoing consulting designed to help your teams successfully navigate conflict

You can rest assured I can help.

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