The app for taking in the good

It seems there is an app for almost anything.  A self-contained program to download to your phone for easy access and to make your life easier.  In order to receive its benefit, you have to activate the app after you download it.  
The practice of mindfulness, taking conscious pauses, is like installing an app of inner resilience.  
You “activate” it through the practice of training your mind to pay attention in the now.

Just like an app becomes part of your phone, inner strength, calm, and resilience
become woven into your brain when “activated” by taking time to slow down and be present.
While you may have more activities in your life due to the Holidays, day to day life and business is often going from one thing to the next on autopilot.  You go through the motions of whatever task you are doing yet miss the full experience, including taking in the good.


The mind is naturally drawn to dwelling on the negative and overlooking the positive. While this helped our ancestors survive in harsh conditions, it prevents us from taking in the good and the joys of life.
Five ways to “download and activate” the app of taking in the good:
1.  Take in what’s going well instead of dwelling on what’s not working.
2.  Take in the facial expression of your employee or co-worker when you tell them what you appreciate about them.
3.   Take in the feeling of accomplishing a project you have worked long and hard on.
4.   Take in the heartiness of a good laugh, especially when you can laugh at yourself!
5.   Take in times of relaxation, being with friends and family who replenish and rejuvenate you.

While bad things will still happen, people will disappoint you, and projects will be delayed, when you look for and take in the good, you will build resilience to handle the pressures you face.  Take a moment right now and dwell on one thing you are grateful for.  Savor the warmth and goodness for at least ten seconds before you go onto the next thing on your to-do list.


Make the Conscious Choice to “download and activate” your internal app towards the good to improve your mindset for the Holidays and 2015! 

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