Your Go-To Conflict Style Is: “Bring Humor and Levity”

This go-to conflict style is marked by the tendency to make an off-topic joke when situations get tense. If you tend to bring levity to break up disagreements at home or enjoy getting people to laugh at work, then your family dynamics might have taught you to bring humor to tense situations.

Left unchecked, the “Bring Humor and Levity” style can show up at work in the following negative ways:

  • Your jokes and humor might prevent necessary conversations from happening to resolve differences.
  • Your credibility could be negatively impacted because you’re not taken seriously.
  • You’ll use humor to avoid being held accountable which contributes to coworkers perceiving you as favored and not pulling your weight.

By identifying how your family dynamics show up at work, you can transform how you communicate and deal with conflict effectively - even when others don't!

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