Calm Amidst Chaos

When I speak to professional organizations about integrating mindfulness as a resource for leaders to be calm and focused as they lead, I am often met with comments such as….
“I don’t have time to meditate”
“That’s a soft skill, I need more tangible ways to be more productive…I have too much to do and can’t afford even a few minutes to do nothing”
” My mind is too busy to meditate, it’s more irritating to meditate than it’s worth”
While mindfulness may not be helpful for everyone, it is important not to underestimate the power of establishing some type of practice amidst the busyness of life and simply stopping. To pause long enough to calm down the fight/flight response of the brain when you are inundated with demands and distractions.  Whatever practice you choose, it needs to be a practice to stay grounded in the facts of a situation instead of the allowing the negativity bias of the brain to take off into negative stories and “what if” questions.
Tips to Create Calm© amidst chaos
Here is a simple meditation to ground you using the acronym of the word CALM.  It is best if you can find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted and allow yourself just five minutes to simple stop and use the letters of CALM to ground you.
C  – Centered.  Being still and quiet.  Allow yourself to pay attention to being present in this moment.  Simply stopping.
A –  Awareness.  Bring your awareness to your breathe. Breathing in through your nostrils and notice the release in your chest or abdomen as you breathe out.  Focusing on your breathe as an anchor to staying present in this moment.
L –  Listen.  It won’t be an audible voice.  Simply listen to what your body needs from you to take care of yourself.  It may be a word, picture, or metaphor.
M –  Make a choice.  As a result of taking this pause, what is the next step you need to take amidst what you are facing?


Create Calm© is a simple resource whether you have 1 minute or 30 minutes.  Start where you can.


Make the Conscious Choice to 
Create Calm© inside yourself so no matter if you have face chaos, conflict, or things going as planned, you are grounded and focused.

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