This Can’t Happen To Me…

It started out a peaceful, relaxing Sunday morning.  I finished my morning meditation and began getting ready for church.  I heard the comforting music of hymns my husband played on the piano.  Between songs,I told him how much I appreciated his music and to continue.  In the atmosphere of calm and gratitude, as I was putting on my make-up, I felt a pain in my chest and it was difficult to take a deep breath.  I put my make-up brush down and closed my eyes, taking in the soothing music and focusing on my breathing.  It helped a little and I finished getting ready.

As we headed to church I was aware I didn’t feel quite right, yet, thought being at church was exactly what I needed to be spiritually renewed and physically relax.  Attempting to enjoy the smiles on the children’s faces as they waved their palms in honor of Palm Sunday, once again, I was aware of the pain in my chest.  Closing my eyes, thinking I needed to focus on my breathing and I’ll be alright.  Then the pain snaked down my left arm and as much as I didn’t want to, I needed to go to the ER.

Have you ever been in a situation thinking “this can’t be happening to me”?  You are going through life, enjoying your day to day, fulfilling your responsibilities, and even doing all the “healthy” things when suddenly, despite your best laid plans, life takes you on an unexpected detour.

  • Perhaps it’s not a health issue. For you it may be a career path you thought was going one way and due to downsizing, you are now in a completely different role at much less pay.
  • Perhaps you are struggling with marriage troubles.  You never imagined your spouse would be unfaithful or abusive, and you are facing divorce attorneys and financial concerns about your future.
  • Perhaps you are overwhelmed with how to reach your teenager who is rebellious and failing classes.

Whatever you are facing, the practice of mindfulness helps us to handle life when it doesn’t go as planned.  It reminds us to accept things as they are, not forcing things to be the way we want them to be, and to be patient allowing things to unfold in their own time.

If we approach setbacks, detours, and adversity mindfully, though we may not like what is happening, we are less likely to resist it and it can serve as the bridge between the stress of what has happened and calm.  

Gratefully my heart is fine and the final diagnosis is “Costochondritis” – pain in the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone.  The pain can worsen with deep breaths, so when I was taking deep breaths to ease the pain, (what I thought would help) actually made it worse.  What a relief it wasn’t more serious!

In my last e-zine, I wrote about making time to care for oneself before you have a wake-up call.  It’s ironic that I had my wake-up call the following week.  This experience made me even more committed to my own stress management lifestyle and also to help others commit to creating their own.

What challenging situation are you facing?  What has you thinking “this can’t be happening to me…”? Whether it is health or people related, contact me today.   Together, we will create the best way to care for yourself before you get a “wake-up call”.

Make the conscious choice to deal with life challenges so when an event doesn’t go as planned in your life, you have the resources  

to cope and to thrive through them!


P.S. April is stress awareness month – is it time you made a commitment to manage the stress in your life?