How Did My Family Get In My Office?! Course



What’s Included In this Course:

  • Hear directly from Bonnie Artman Fox, Workplace Conflict Expert and Accredited Boss Whisperer® in a video course on the ground-breaking topic of how our family dynamics show up in the workplace and what you can do about it.
  • The 4 Rs of Conflict Resolution e-workbook designed to deepen your self-awareness giving you clarity as you answer self-reflection questions to recognize when your family dynamics show up in your office and how to respond.
  • Free chapter from the best-selling book How Did My Family Get In My Office?! includes practical lessons to improve connections and positively elevate your leadership influence by implementing boundaries with people who are difficult to get along with.

Gain self-awareness of how your upbringing impacts your leadership so you make smart choices in how you show up and lead your team.