Are you a fixer

Are You a Fixer? How to Know When Helping is Hurting

By Bonnie Artman Fox / September 25, 2019
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Are you a “Fixer”? By age 11, Maria was writing checks to pay the family bills, by age 14, she started her first job, and by age 19, she owned her first home. Due to the unpredictability in her upbringing from her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s mental illness, Maria said “I’ve been an overachiever,…

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Keys to Marital and Business Success

The Keys to Marital and Business Success: How One Couple Successfully Works Together in a Family Business

By Bonnie Artman Fox / August 27, 2019
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Family-owned businesses often struggle because sometimes personal conflict spills over into the family business. The result is a work culture with unresolved family issues that impacts how the company runs, its overall productivity, and ultimately its bottom-line results. It’s been no different for  married couple, Angelo and Lauren, who are third-generation family business owners and…

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Three Strategies for standing up to the office bully

3 Strategies for Standing Up to the Office Bully

By Bonnie Artman Fox / June 18, 2019
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  “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” ~ Lao-tzu Most people either endure working with a bully or leave their job, even if they love what they do. After all, it’s risky to stand up to a bully due to the possibility of retaliation and…

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During Conflict, Do you Give Away Your Power?

By Bonnie Artman Fox / January 25, 2019
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Jeremiah could feel the stress building. For months I’d been listening to my boss’s ranting about some production issue that hadn’t gone as planned. I felt responsible as a leader and was genuinely trying to do a good job. I wanted to defend myself and explain my attempt to solve the problem. Suddenly, I realized…

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