Change Patterns to Change Results

By Bonnie Artman Fox / January 6, 2015
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Only 8% of people achieve New Year’s goals.  If you have set goals for 2015, what new behaviors are you putting in place in order to beat the odds of being in the 92% who don’t achieve the results they want?   Lasting change takes clarity, focus, and a plan in order to come to…

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7 Tips to Manage Conflict and Increase Productivity

By Bonnie Artman Fox / February 25, 2014
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Conflict has really gotten a bad rap.  Most often, conflict is avoided which eventually leads to ugly disagreements and possibly fractured relationships.  Even in the workplace, conflict often goes underground leading to denial, gossip, sick days, and good people choosing to leave and work elsewhere. But what if conflict was viewed positively?  What if it…

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Seeing with new eyes

By Bonnie Artman Fox / December 24, 2013
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In the next two days between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you may be exchanging gifts between you and loved ones. If today is a working day for you, perhaps there will be gifts exchanged between you and co-workers. You may have drawn the name of a difficult family member or co-worker in the gift…

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Three questions that will enrich your Holidays

By Bonnie Artman Fox / December 10, 2013
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Rituals. They are the practices that we have as part of Holidays that give us comfort and stability. Rituals can be special foods, practices, or most simply “just how things are done” that provide meaning and significance. Several years ago, I started a ritual with my extended family by asking three questions after our Christmas…

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