Changing Patterns – Challenge limiting beliefs

This is part IV of a six part series of blogs to help you achieve the results you want in 2015.

Thus far in the Changing Patterns series we have addressed having mental clarity about the results you want, preparing for resistance, and focusing your attention. Today’s blog zeros in on challenging your limiting beliefs.

Core beliefs are the messages you tell yourself. They stem from events in upbringing or a significant life event and serve as the foundation of thought patterns. When events occurred that had an negative impact on you and are not resolved, how you view that event becomes a core belief that holds you back and hence becomes a limiting belief. These limiting beliefs keep you stuck from achieving the results you want.

Common examples of limiting beliefs:

“I need to be perfect”
“I’m not good enough”
“When ___ happens, I will be able to ___”
“It’s a sign of weakness to show emotion”
“If only I would have done ____ this wouldn’t have happened”

If you don’t relate to any of the above example, identify what is your limiting belief? The clue is whatever you say to yourself when an opportunity comes your way and you don’t go for it.

While there are multiple ways to overcome limiting beliefs, the key is identifying what is the feeling underneath the limiting belief. Feelings such as fear, anxiety, worry are usually at the core. Before reading further, pause and check in with yourself to identify what is the feeling beneath your limiting belief?

Whatever you identify, give yourself time to feel it. Even if it is uncomfortable, which it probably is, allow yourself to hang out with it. Use your breathing to help you stick with the uncomfortableness. When you do this, you are simply acknowledging the feeling and allowing important information to surface. By learning to “go with the feeling” instead of pushing it away, you are allowing yourself to gain insight to challenging the limiting belief and identify what you need in order to move past it.

People who reach their goals overcome their limiting beliefs by recognizing they hold key information to move toward the results they want – be one of those people!

Changing Patterns Tips in Review:

Tip #1: Have mental clarity of where you want to be a year from now

Tip #2: Develop a plan to prepare for resistance from yourself and/or others

Tip #3: Focus your attention on behaviors that will drive results

Tip #4: Challenge limiting beliefs

Make the Conscious Choice to prioritize behaviors that align with the results you want and make 2015 your best year yet!