This is part V of a six part series of blogs to help you achieve the results you want in 2015.

Thus far in the Changing Patterns series we have addressed having mental clarity about the results you want, preparing for resistance, focusing your attention, and challenging limiting beliefs. Today’s blog is related to limiting beliefs and goes a step beyond…identifying your family paradigm.

Family paradigms are the example or model of what is acceptable in your family. They are the unconscious rules and behaviors of how things are done.

How to identify your family paradigm:

Consider the area of your life you are trying to change and improve. It could be anything from achieving another milestone of business success, increasing your income, or improving a relationship.

Now consider, what was modeled to you in your family in that particular area. For example, perhaps people in your family didn’t go beyond a certain financial level. Or maybe if you achieve another level of business success, you will hear “who do you think you are?”. Or maybe if you try to work through a conflict with one person, you will be alienated from another.

Every family has their own paradigm. What is often the same is when the family paradigm is challenged, people risk being ridiculed, shamed, or alienated for not going along with the family pattern.

If you are not getting the results you want in 2015, it could be because you are coming up against doing things beyond your family paradigm.

Even though you desire certain results or success, unconsciously, you could be sabotaging yourself because you are on the verge of going beyond the success from your family upbringing.

You are at a crossroads right now. The question is will you be loyal to your family paradigm that could limit your success or will you allow yourself to move beyond?

Only you can change your pattern

Changing Patterns Tips in Review:

Tip #1: Have mental clarity of where you want to be a year from now

Tip #2: Develop a plan to prepare for resistance from yourself and/or others

Tip #3: Focus your attention on behaviors that will drive results

Tip #4: Challenge limiting beliefs

Tip #5: Consider if your family paradigm is holding you back from success

Make the Conscious Choice to identify and weigh the benefits of moving beyond your family paradigm