Is it possible for leaders who exhibit abrasive, angry, even bullying behaviors to change? YES!

If you’re wondering what you can do to help one of your most valued, high performing leaders whose behavior is undermining the health of your work culture --in fact, you fear it will only get worse if something isn’t done, read June’s story in chapter three from How Did My Family Get In My Office?! where you will learn:

What drives abrasive behaviors

The importance of setting boundaries with the kind truth

How abrasive behaviors can be transformed


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In Bonnie's forward, she warns the reader that although the stories included in this book are not graphic in detail they may trigger your emotions is an understatement. This book will challenge you as a leader to take a hard look at yourself and to identify your own Family Factors that may be impacting you on how you handle conflict in your workplace. With each new story I'd start out thinking this won't apply to me, but by the time I would reach the "Productive Conflict Management Strategies", I found myself taking notes on how I can apply them to my own relationships. I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged I became in each leader's story and how impactful Bonnie's Self-Reflection Questions were. This book is not only for business leaders but for the whole team! I look forward to discussing this book with my own team to cultivate a culture of self-awareness of how we manage conflict. -- Jen

How Did My Family Get In My Office? Is a very relatable book. I found different family traits in most of the stories. The way they overcame their upbringing to become more effective leaders provided insight on how I can change my style and get my past experiences out of the office. I also like the self-reflection questions at the end of each chapter. These questions made me stop and reflect on my past experiences, leadership style and how I can change to become a better leader. I appreciate the reference to other materials that will guide me through my leadership journey. I highly recommend How Did My Family Get In My Office!!! -- Cheryl

I'm glad I picked up a copy of Bonnie's book, In this powerful book, "How Did My FAMILY Get In My OFFICE?!" The stories of how real-life leaders have conquered conflict by learning from the lessons of their upbringing are very eye-opening and challenging to me personally and the way I lead my team. If you're a leader or manager and you want to decrease conflict, build trust, and help your team work better together, then pick up "How Did My FAMILY Get In My OFFICE?!" today. -- Eric