Coaching Resources for Solving the Problem of Abrasive Leaders

Bonnie Artman Fox, MS, LMFT

2018 ICF Midwest Regional Coaching Conference

Thanks for your interest in learning more a coaching abrasive leaders. Below are resources to help you get started and important considerations when working with employers.

12 Tips for Coaching Abrasive Leaders

Use this tip sheet as a reference before you start coaching an abrasive leader and what to keep in mind when interacting with employers.

How to Turn Around Abrasive Leadership Behavior…In Ways you Never Thought Possible!

This e-book guides senior leaders and HR professionals how to intervene with valued employees whose behavior undermines team productivity and organizational health.

Why Don't We Take the Bulls (or Bosses) by the Horns

This is Chapter 7 in Laura Crawshaw’s book Taming the Abrasive ManagerHow to End Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace. It addresses common reasons why managers don’t intervene.