Your Go-To Conflict Style Isn’t Clear Based On Your Responses

There are endless possibilities of how the way conflict was handled in your upbringing impacts you at work. Based on your answers you could benefit from understanding how your family and work relationships are related.

Left unchecked, your go-to conflict style can show up at work in the following negative ways:

  • You’ll adjust your response based on who’s in the room and you may be perceived as “two-faced.”
  • How you handle conflict will be unpredictable and people will negatively perceive you as moody and unapproachable.
  • You’ll over-accommodate others to keep the peace and you’re perceived as a pushover who doesn’t speak up when there’s a problem.

By identifying how your family dynamics show up at work, you can transform how you communicate and deal with conflict effectively - even when others don't!

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