Deadlines, pressure, and stress

Deadlines.  We all have them.  Whether it is a report that needs to be written or a performance eval that needs to be given, deadlines can spur productivity except when they have the opposite effect of procrastinating.

Procrasting is usually driven by an underlying fear of some kind such as fear that you’ll run out of time to get it done, it won’t be done well, or you don’t have enough information to do quality work.  Whatever you say to yourself to probihits you from moving forward, you will gain the most momentum to meet deadlines with calm and focus by taking the time to identify your underlying fear.

  1.  Identify your fear – what do you fear will happen if you
  2. Avoidance is often where we feel safer – think of a time when you haven’t let work go

It’s famiiar to be stressed and a marker of how you know you are taking your job seriously. PYet it limits your creativity and holds you back from productivity

I’m going to get what I”m going to get done, clearing this need for stress, pressure.

Is there a part of you that needs stress

Allow yourself to think more creativity, to think more clearly so whatever you do get done it is the best you can do.

Give yourself permission to relax, focus on essentials,