Overcoming a Setback And Delivering Results

It was 7 days before our wedding and I got a call that our ceremony vocalist was injured in an ATV accident. She flew over the handlebars and had facial injuries. She didn’t know if she would be able to sing at our wedding and suggested we look for another vocalist, just in case.

My first reaction of course was concern for her wellbeing. Once I knew she was going to be okay, my mind shifted. How will I get a wedding vocalist with a week’s notice, on a holiday weekend?

Long story short, our original vocalist was able to sing at our ceremony. With two black eyes, a swollen face, and sore body, she sang as beautiful as ever!

Like most brides, on my wedding day I had a mental picture of what would make it a special day. Part of that perfect picture was music that was meaningful to my husband and I. Not only did our vocalist deliver what we expected with her beautiful singing, she honored her commitment despite her appearance and checked her ego at the door.

It’s the middle of the year and perhaps the intended results you wanted to achieve in 2017 have gotten pushed aside. If you’re right on track and seeing the fruits of your efforts, congratulations – keep going!

delivering results

If you’re not where you want to be in terms of goals, business, or leadership outcomes, there’s still time to recalibrate. Go back to the goals you established back in January to track your progress and hold yourself accountable for those results. Ask trusted colleagues about your progress as another layer of accountability.

Our wedding was five years ago and the example of our wedding vocalist (who happened to be a millennial) made an impact on me as a vivid example of delivering results. By the way, if you are skeptical about millennials honoring commitments, this story proves otherwise!

If you feel stuck or hit an unexpected setback… Adapt, make adjustments, and focus on delivering the results you intended for 2017. If you find yourself overwhelmed, making excuses, and off track from your 2017 goals, give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to helping you get back on track to deliver your business results.

Bonnie Artman Fox works with senior leaders who want to create healthy work cultures that bring out the best in their employees, attract peak performers, and build cohesive teams. From over 25 years as Psychiatric Nurse and Marriage & Family Therapist Bonnie applies her expertise to coach and consult with leaders to replace behaviors that sabotage organizational health with positive behaviors that eliminate infighting, office politics, and dysfunction. To learn more or bring Bonnie to your company, click here and let’s talk.

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