Empower your employees to “Get Their Own Tissue” with leadership, compassion, and strength.


“I needed a strong, visual reminder to help me deal with the anxious feelings that came up every time one of my staff came running to me with a problem. I see them coming, I look at the checklist I pinned to my bulletin and I can now calmly say, I know you’re capable of dealing with this, I saw how well you managed last week’s issue. And we move on. Bliss.” - Rosemary H.

Tired of constantly stepping in to fix your employee’s problems?

Are you doing too much for your employee? Meaning doing things for them they're capable of doing for themselves. 

That's why I created the resource 7 Reminders to Empower Your Employees Checklist.

It might seem like a small thing, but these 7 reminders were intentionally designed to help leaders like you consciously navigate the countless demands that come across your desk throughout the day. 

Paired with a deep breath, these reminders are sure to help you get your day back, focus on upper-level issues, and feel confident your team is completing their work with creativity and ease.

How can you deal with these constant, round-the-clock interruptions?
You need a visual reminder to allow your employees to manage their own conflicts.

7 Reminders to Empower Your Employees Checklist

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