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Dealing with conflict at work is often messy and uncomfortable.

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What you will learn in the Workplace Family Factor® Mini-Course

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Bonnie Artman Fox, Workplace Conflict Expert

"Stop Reacting and Stay Emotionally Steady when Conversations Get Tense"

If you’re like most people, you struggle with dealing with conflict at work.

Maybe you avoid tense conversations or you overreact during disagreements.

Either extreme prevents necessary conversations from happening and undermines team trust.

Unresolved conflict is costly to your organization - lost revenue, productivity, and employee turnover - not to mention all the time wasted in dealing with the aftermath of hurt feelings.

I'm Bonnie Artman Fox and I have a solution to improve how conflict is handled at your workplace.

The solution is in the awareness of how your family upbringing impacts your workplace behavior.

I call this The Workplace Family Factor®.

"The more I understand my behaviors that have been passed down to me, generationally, the more mindful I can be at breaking negative patterns." - Justin Heiser

Regard the Scar: What's Driving an Overreaction?

If you’ve ever worked for a boss who tends to be overly aggressive and micromanager, you know how tough it can be to be around this person.

While initially, this type of leadership style may get people to respond to their demands, in the long run, this type of leader doesn’t build team cohesiveness. Quite frankly, people don’t stick around.

In this video of the Workplace Family Factor® Mini-Course, you’ll learn June’s story from my book, How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

You'll learn how June transformed her overly aggressive leadership style by addressing the emotional scars from her upbringing.

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Reframe to Stop Blame: Stop Blaming and Take Responsibility for Your Part

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Was conflict handled in your family upbringing with angry outbursts? Did you and other family members walk on eggshells never knowing what would set off a parent or a sibling?

The way conflict was modeled in your upbringing often becomes the way we handle it in our adult lives.

The good news is, change is possible.

In this video of the Workplace Family Factor® Mini-Course, you’ll hear how one of the leaders, Mike, in my book, How Did My Family Get In My Office?! broke his family anger cycle.

You’ll learn a fundamental perspective of how to break the anger cycle in your life and leadership.


Respect and Connect: Stay Connected without Getting Hooked into Reacting

Do you have someone in your life that’s hard to get along with?

Perhaps they avoid any personal responsibility and blame others for problems?

If so, you’ll probably relate to Grace.

Grace is one of the leaders in my book, How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

The person that was difficult for Grace to get along with was her mother.

In this video of the Workplace Family Factor® Mini-Course, you’ll learn a productive way that helped Grace stay connected with her mother and improve their relationship as well as her relationships at work.

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Resolve to Evolve: Be the Author of Your Success

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Many people have had tough upbringings.

They’ve either grown up with some type of struggle from abuse, a parent with an addiction, or limited finances.

Regardless of the struggles that you may have faced as a kid, as an adult, we have a choice:

To either dwell on the struggles and stay stuck in the past OR
To choose to focus on the strengths your family gave you.

Jerry chose the latter.

In this video of the Workplace Family Factor® Mini-Course, you’ll learn how one of the leaders in my book How Did My Family Get In My Office?! developed an inner resolve to be the author of his success.

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