Your Go-To Conflict Style Is: "Fix Things & Attempt to Keep the Peace"

This go-to conflict style is marked by the tendency to fix problems (including people)  when situations get intense. If you've always been the go-to person to help resolve family disputes or you feel like a mediator at work, your family dynamics might have taught you to take responsibility for and help people solve both personal and professional problems in the office.

Left unchecked, the “Fix Things & Attempt to Keep the Peace” style can show up at work in the following negative ways:

  • On the outside, you’ll look like you’ve got it all together, but on the inside feel stressed.
  • You will say “yes” to projects when you’re already overwhelmed and work extra hours to keep up.
  • You will take on other people’s responsibilities and then feel resentful people aren’t pulling their weight.

By identifying how your family dynamics show up at work, you can transform how you communicate and deal with conflict effectively - even when others don't!

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