Could Family Dynamics Be the Source of Conflict at Your Work?

Not everyone is showing up as grown-up in the office and it’s costing you morale, loyalty, and employee turnover.  

This book will equip you and your team to:

  • Identify how your family upbringing influences your conflict style at work


  • Make more informed choices on when and how to react to conflict


  • Set clear boundaries to stay in relationship with difficult people


  • Implement the most relevant of the 68 productive conflict management strategies to resolve differences sooner rather than later


  • And so much more

In How Did My Family Get In My Office?!, you get practical strategies to avoid costly conflict mistakes from real-life leaders who conquered conflict by learning from the lessons of their upbringing. 

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What people are saying about How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

“Many leaders avoid conflict because it’s messy and uncomfortable. Based on their family histories, the leaders in this book show us how to develop the interpersonal courage necessary for productive conflict which will ultimately result in healthier teams and more effective organizations.”

Patrick Lencioni

President and CEO, The Table Group
Best-selling Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“In this enlightening book, Bonnie tells the story of eleven leaders whose persistence and tenacity (combined into pertinacity) guides them on a journey to self-awareness and profound transformation of their leadership styles. Bonnie very engagingly shows us that our past experiences do not have to define our future. This is a must-read book to more fully understand leadership!”

George Kohlrieser, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland
Best-selling Author of Hostage at the Table and Care to Dare

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