How Curiosity Sparks Creativity

Have you ever seen something, but not really saw what you were looking at? Or perhaps been a part of a conversation, but didn’t really hear what the other person was saying?

We’ve all been there, caught up in our own thoughts and not really paying attention to what is before us, including conversations with those most important to us.

The power of curiosity is looking at something or someone as if for the first time. At that moment, you have no biases or preconceived ideas and truly experience what is before you with a genuine appreciation for what it is. Even if you have been in leadership for many years, might there be things that you have overlooked just because you have looked at them for so long?

What does curiosity have to do with the workplace?

  • Are you are struggling with a creative solution of how to implement new policies?
  • Do you have negative assumptions about a difficult employee?
  • Do you walk into the same meetings and expect the same outcome?

When you are curious, you are aware. You pause to enjoy, feel, learn, explore, discover (or rediscover). You use your five senses – taste, touch, smell, hear, see…in essence, you open your mind to new possibilities and different perspectives simply by being receptive to what it is you are experiencing – while you are experiencing it.

Ten tips to develop curiosity…

  1. Daily, practice Mindful Breathing to train your mind to be present.
  2. Deliberately look at coworkers, customers, family members when talking with them.
  3. At your next meeting, sit at a different place than you usually do.
  4. Before dismissing ideas that seem too radical or risky, consider the “what if’s”?
  5. Take a complex problem and apply curiosity to every aspect down to its most basic element.
  6. Look at a problem situation as if you had never heard of it before.
  7. Ask questions with curiosity of why things are the way they are.
  8. Consider perspectives as if you don’t know the answer.
  9. Play with a child, see things from their perspective.
  10. Before you eat a meal, consider where the food came from (besides the grocery store)…the steps from the ground to your table?

Make the Conscious Choice to approach problems with curiosity and notice how it helps you see possibilities for creative problem-solving.

Curious about what you discover!
portraitBonnie Artman Fox
Mindfulness Trainer and Coach

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