Intervention Consultation

Geared for HR Professionals and managers of abrasive top performers on how to set clear expectations for professional & respectful behavior and hold them accountable for change.

Do you have a top performer who’s highly competent from a performance standpoint yet “rubs people the wrong way”? 

You’ve received multiple complaints about this employee’s behavior.

From yelling outbursts during meetings, derogatory comments to employees, and even name-calling.

The abrasive behaviors are taking a toll on employee morale and productivity.

Your other valued employees are threatening to quit, or are on the verge of quitting. Your company's reputation is at stake.

As an executive leader, you’re frustrated and you know it’s time for help.

You've tried to talk to your employee and help them see the negative impact of their behavior. Their behavior may improve temporarily, but gradually the abrasive behaviors start showing up again.

The employee takes little to no responsibility for how their behavior affects others with comments such as “People are too sensitive,” “They’re lazy,” or “You don’t know what happened. You weren’t there.”

Simply put, you’re between a rock and a hard place

You value the leader’s competence yet know you can’t allow this type of behavior to continue, or you’ll lose good employees, have a harassment suit, a PR disaster or all of the above. 

Intervention Consultation prepares HR Professionals and managers of top performers with the mindset, skills, and scripts to intervene with abrasive behavior. 

By the end of the consultation, you are equipped to:

  • Deliver clear behavior expectations and consequences if the abrasive behavior continues
  • Defuse defensive comments by the leader without losing your cool
  • Offer guidance on how to turn around abrasive behaviors
  • Hold the leader accountable for behavior change
  • Follow-through with consequences

The good news is leaders can turn around abrasive behaviors sooner vs. later. 

Change happens quickly when executive leaders and HR Professionals have a step-by-step process to take a firm stand and stop behaviors distracting from a healthy work culture.

Two different options for How Intervention Consultation Works:

Intervention Consultation Strategy Session

$595 Total Investment
  • One 75-min session to guide the executive leader on how to address abrasive behavior with your top performing team member
  • Includes H.E.R.O.I.C. Empathy Script Guidelines (valued at $495)
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to set up the meeting for a candid and caring discussion (includes guided conversation interactions)
  • Discover my proven 5-step process to eliminate abrasive leadership behavior and protect the well-being of all of your employees

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