Intervention Consultation

Do you have a top performer who’s extremely competent from a technical standpoint, yet “rubs people the wrong way”? You’ve received multiple complaints about this person’s behavior; outbursts during meetings, derogatory comments to employees, even name calling. Their behavior takes a toll on employee morale, your work culture, and may even be affecting your company brand.

As the manager, you’re frustrated. You’ve tried to talk with them and help them see the negative impact of their behavior. They just don’t get it. You receive comments such as “people are too sensitive,” “they’re lazy,” or “you don’t know what happened, you weren’t there.”

Simply put, you’re between a rock and hard place

You value the leader’s competence yet know you can’t allow this type of behavior to continue or you’ll lose good employees, have a harassment suit, a PR disaster, or all of the above.

Intervention Consultation prepares upper management and Human Resources with the skills and mindset to stop unacceptable conduct.

By the end of the consultation, you will:


Deliver clear behavior expectations and consequences if the expectations aren’t met


Diffuse defensive comments without losing your cool


Hold leader accountable for behavior change


Offer help to learn skills to improve their leadership style


Follow-through with consequences  

Abrasive leaders can turnaround unacceptable behaviors. Change starts with upper management firmly intervening with limits and consequences.

Call or book online a complimentary initial phone consultation where we can discuss the strategies that are best for you. We will help you stop abrasive behavior and strengthen your organizational health.