Bonnie Artman Fox

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Guides executive leaders with a proven roadmap to address abrasive behaviors with top-performers and restore organizational health.

Bonnie's Background

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Let Bonnie guide your listeners to address abrasive leadership behavior, retain valued employees, and improve morale.

Early in my career I worked in a dysfunctional workplace. It was the norm rather than the exception for the executive leadership team to turn a blind eye to high-performing leader's angry outbursts, condescending comments, and public humiliation.

Rather than leaving, I chose to stay. The experience along with the guidance of a wise mentor gave me life lessons to navigate the dysfunctional landmines that have stayed with me throughout my life. Little did I know then how that experience would be the catalyst for my work today of coaching leaders at top companies to replace abrasive behaviors with emotional intelligence skills.

What if you had a fast and proven framework to turn around abrasive behavior and protect the health of your organization?

Whether your listeners need:

  • A boost of courage to take a stand against abrasive behavior
  • A roadmap of how to intervene with high-performers exhibiting abrasive behavior
  • A plan to overcome conflict avoidance

I'll be a guide for your listeners every step of the way.

Potential Questions to
guide our conversation

What is the difference between abrasive behavior and bullying?

Why don't executives address abrasive behaviors sooner?

What led you to focus so squarely on workplace conflict and coaching leaders with abrasive behaviors?

In your book How Did My Family Get In My Office?!, you talk about the Family Factor® - what do you mean by that?

What is "Pertinacity" and why does it matter when it comes to dealing with conflict at work and intervening with abrasive leaders?

Topics We Can Discuss

Understand abrasive behavior and bullying (no, they're not the same things) 

Five common behaviors that keep executive leaders from addressing abrasive behavior.

The first (most overlooked step) in addressing abrasive behavior.

The costs associated with keeping abrasive leaders.

How to stay in the tension of difficult conversations without flipping your lid.

Defining who you aspire to be as a leader (especially during conflict).

Workplace Conflict Expert and Accredited Boss Whisperer®, Bonnie Artman Fox takes messy team conflict and brings teams together so they're more effective and productive. Drawing from decades of experience as a psychiatric nurse and licensed family therapist, Bonnie has equipped thousands of clients with interpersonal skills to resolve conflict.

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It's not too late! Resolving your team conflict is POSSIBLE and Bonnie can help!