Leadership Coaching Package Options

Healthy leaders welcome growth. They address issues that undermine the impact and legacy they want to make. Coaching provides the structure to develop and integrate strategies for transformation and accountability of healthy leadership. Whether it’s individual coaching, team coaching, or a combination of the two, Bonnie Artman Fox can provide the right solution to your unique situation.

Working with Bonnie I learned how much I use anger to get people to do what I want. Coaching has helped me develop healthy ways of dealing with anger and working with my team. My employees are no longer afraid to speak up during our meetings and we get more done!



Through coaching I’ve realized ways I avoided conflict and difficult conversations at all costs. The result was detrimental to building strong teams and moving projects forward. Now I have the skills to work through conflict productively. My relationships have improved and team buy in.


Senior Leader


How do I know which coaching package is a good fit for me?

During our initial consultation, we’ll review your desired results. Your coaching package depends on the outcomes you’d like to achieve and challenges you’re facing. Think of coaching like you care for your car. Sometimes you need only an oil change and other times more extensive work, yet it’s something you do as long as you own the car to optimize functioning. In the same way, coaching optimizes your leadership health and performance throughout your career.

What is your coaching approach?

As your coach, consider me your co-researcher helping you identify and replace dysfunctional behavioral patterns with healthy behaviors to get the results you want. Using a systems approach, we look at how to improve the ways you interact with your team and co-workers. We integrate brain science, positive psychology, and your strengths to leverage your leadership health, impact, and legacy. Along the way you’ll receive tools, resources, and strategies to make your successful changes last.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is an investment in your leadership legacy for the long haul. Many leaders have been promoted because they were skilled workers but received little grooming for their new level of responsibilities. Your investment in coaching varies based on the package that best fits your situation and desired results.

What if I don’t see a coaching package that meets my needs, such as team coaching?

Based on your unique needs, we’ll discuss the possibilities of customizing a coaching package to ensure your individual and organizational success. Let’s talk and explore tailored solutions that are practical, relevant, and address your specific situation.

What outcomes can I expect?

We’ll work together to define anticipated outcomes so we both know the progress being achieved. Factors that influence outcome will be based on your mindset, implementation of action steps and consistent effort towards behavioral change.

What’s my role as a coachee in the coaching process?

Your role is open mindedness to the coaching process, willingness to be uncomfortable to look within, and your commitment to transform your mindset and behavioral patterns that are limiting your leadership.

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