Leadership Coaching

  • Intervention Consultation

    Do you have a top performer who’s extremely competent from a technical standpoint, yet “rubs people the wrong way”? You’ve received multiple complaints about this person’s behavior; outbursts during meetings, derogatory comments to employees, even name calling. Their behavior takes a toll on employee morale, your work culture, and may even be affecting your company brand.

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  • Leadership Turnaround

    Despite being highly successful, many strong, visionary leaders take the strain of their responsibilities out on others. They are driven to get tasks done and focused on results. When something or someone gets in their way, they tend to overreact with emotional outbursts, condescending comments, and other abrasive behavior.

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  • Leadership Coaching Package Options

    Healthy leaders welcome growth. They address issues that undermine the impact and legacy they want to make. Coaching provides the structure to develop and integrate strategies for transformation and accountability of healthy leadership. Whether it’s individual coaching, team coaching, or a combination of the two, Bonnie Artman Fox can provide the right solution to your unique situation.

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