Conscious Conflict coaching for Organizations and Individuals

Coaching for individuals and teams who want to handle conflict proactively and productively.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are unresolved conflicts losing your organization profits and productivity?

  • Would you like your employees to learn how to deal with anger, resentment, and bullying?

  • Would your employees appreciate knowing how to stay calm during intense, sensitive, and pressure packed situations?

if the answer to any of those questions is yes, then Conscious Conflict Coaching is your Roadmap.

As a result of Conscious Conflict Coaching, you'll know how to identify the important issues driving the strong emotions in the room and handle conflict with ease.

You'll also become more aware of how you communicate and the words to move conversations forward.

two caucasian corporate executives in casual wear having a business discussion in office.

Through Conscious Conflict Coaching, You Will:

  • Identify how your family upbringing impacts your workplace behaviors
  • Recognize when others are digging their heels in and how to de-escalate defensiveness
  • Work through differences and create win-win solutions
  • Be a better listener to understand what’s driving conflict so you get to the real issue
  • Deepen empathy so people feel you “get” what’s important to them

What’s your next step?

Contact Bonnie today. Let’s have a conversation about how you and your team could benefit from creating a plan to stop destructive workplace behaviors that undermine your organization’s health and mission.