Leadership Compass: How to Intervene Early, Clearly, and Firmly with Problem Employee Behavior

For a variety of reasons, leaders often avoid intervening with problem employee behavior. After all, it’s uncomfortable and often emotional.  If you do intervene, you may unknowingly give mixed messages or get caught in the employee’s manipulative ways to shift the focus of needed change from them to others, possibly even you.

Behavior that is tolerated will define your culture.

During this interactive, counter intuitive program, you will learn the mindset and behaviors to intervene, monitor, and manage the conduct of problem employees. You will uncover how to navigate through difficult conversations with employees who tend to use blame and intimidation to get their way. You will walk away with skills to stay motivated to protect the well-being of your work culture.


Get ready to discover:

  • How to overcome fear and avoidance behaviors when dealing with difficult and abrasive employees
  • Practical strategies to craft and deliver difficult employee conversations
  • How to apply boundary solutions and to optimize your work culture and (and avoid brand reputation disasters)
  • Systems to promote accountability of changed behavior that promote team cohesion, productivity, and a healthy work culture.

 Great fit for: Sr. leaders, Business Owners and Managers who wants to stop dysfunctional behavior and protect the well-being of your employees and work culture.

 Wouldn’t be a fit: If you’re willing to allow problem employee behavior to ruin your work culture, lose good employees, and damage your brand reputation.

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Speaking programs can range from an hour to half and full days, as well as, Executive Retreats. Each program is tailored to meet your needs, audience, and budget.

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