Leadership Team Assessment

During team meetings, do you ever get the sense the real issue isn't being addressed? Like the proverbial elephant in the room, is there a sensitive topic that people avoid because they anticipate conflict, alienation, or retaliation?


The health of an organization is in direct proportion to the health of the leadership team. When a team can engage in healthy banter and disagree with one another, there's less politics and more truth-telling. Everyone is clear about the direction the organization is headed and is working towards the same goal. As a result, the organization is more likely to have high morale, productivity, and lower turnover among good employees.


Using the results from the Leadership Team Assessment, you will get a pulse on the interpersonal health of your leadership team and identify what's working, as well as opportunities for growth.


Outcomes you can expect from the Leadership Team Assessment:

  • Identify how your team is doing in five key behaviors: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.
  • How to implement specific strategies to improve team cohesion.
  • Replace avoidance with direct communication and productive conflict.
  • Heighten accountability to achieve your strategic goals.

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