Leadership Turnaround

Specialized coaching program for leaders to turnaround behaviors perceived to be abrasive and replace with respectful workplace conduct

Despite being highly successful, many strong, visionary leaders take the strain of their responsibilities out on others. They struggle with keeping all the plates spinning and the stress comes out through abrasive behavior.

Perhaps you have received complaints about how difficult it is to work with this individual. Even though you value their expertise, their abrasive interpersonal conduct overshadows their technical competence.

As an Employer or HR Professional are some of these statements true for you?


You are concerned that tension and unresolved conflicts between certain leaders and employees will undermine your company’s growth as well as drive good employees to leave


You would hate to lose employees who are technically skilled, however their disruptive interpersonal conduct overshadows their skills and performance


Your precious time gets eaten up with “people problems” and conflict among your staff and/or co-workers

Something has to change

Leadership Turnaround is a specialized coaching program for Senior Leaders to work through the challenges they face and create meaningful business and personal relationships. They develop effective interpersonal skills, especially in managing conflict in a way that maintains everyone’s dignity.

How your organization will benefit:


A step-by-step process of how to intervene with the abrasive leader


Retention of the leader’s expertise while eliminating the risk of future attrition, litigation, and anti-organization sentiment


An end to co-worker distress from the abrasive leader

How the abrasive leader will benefit:


A highly confidential process that begins with an onsite assessment


Regular in-person or telephonic coaching sessions, usually 8-10 sessions


Demonstrable results usually by the third session


Gratitude that their employer was willing to offer help rather than moving toward demotion or termination

The health of your work culture is determined by the behaviors tolerated. What behaviors are you tolerating? How do those behaviors impact your work culture?

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The consequences of not addressing the impact of leaders perceived as abrasive could cost you more than addressing it

Leadership Turnaround is the solution to retaining valuable employees perceived to be abrasive while helping them replace destructive behavior with tact, consideration, and respect.

Are you a manager of a leader whose behavior is causing chaos in your work culture? Are you frustrated that this same leader is a high performer and you’d hate to lose their skills and competence? Are you looking for a way to retain this leader and help them turnaround unacceptable conduct? I’m your Coach to get you there.

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