Leadership Turnaround

Specialized coaching program for leaders to turnaround behaviors perceived to be abrasive and replace with respectful workplace conduct

Despite being highly successful, many strong, visionary leaders take the strain of their responsibilities out on others. They are driven to get tasks done and focused on results. When something or someone gets in their way, they tend to overreact with emotional outbursts, condescending comments, and other abrasive behavior.

As the manager of this leader, you’ve probably received complaints about how difficult it is to work with this individual. Even though you value their performance and expert knowledge, their abrasive interpersonal behavior overshadows their technical competence. It’s up to you to take action.

As an Employer or HR Professional are some of these statements true for you?

  • You’re concerned that one of your leaders abrasive leadership style is undermining a healthy work culture and driving dedicated employees to leave.
  • You would hate to lose this leader’s technical expertise, however, their disruptive interpersonal behavior overshadows their expertise and performance.
  • Your precious time gets eaten up with “people problems” and the aftermath of dealing with employees after a leader’s emotional outburst.

Something has to change

Managing abrasive leaders is no easy task, and doing it poorly or failing to do it altogether can have disastrous consequences for your organization, your employees, and you.

Leadership Turnaround is a specialized coaching program for valued leaders to develop effective interpersonal skills, especially regarding their emotional reactivity.

Leaders develop emotional intelligence skills that replace behaviors negatively impacting employee’s well-being and the work culture as a whole.

How your organization will benefit:

  • Behavior change usually evident after third coaching session
  • Retention of the leader’s expertise
  • Eliminating the risk of future attrition, litigation, and anti-organization sentiment
  • End to co-worker distress from the abrasive leader
  • Increased employer credibility for taking action to address the abrasive behavior

How the abrasive leader will benefit:

  • Abrasive behavior replaced with non-destructive management strategies
  • Demonstrable behavior change usually evident after third session coaching session
  • Job retention
  • Improved trust with employees and co-workers
  • Increased leadership credibility for willingness to address abrasive behavior

The health of your work culture is determined by the behaviors tolerated.

What behaviors are you tolerating?

As a senior leader, would you like to know how to address abrasive behavior with one of your valued employees?

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The consequences of not addressing the impact of leaders perceived as abrasive could cost you more than addressing it

How Leadership Turnaround Coaching Works

You will receive a step-by-step process of how to intervene with the abrasive leader. The highly confidential Leadership Turnaround Coaching begins with an onsite assessment. Once coaching begins, you will see demonstrable results usually by the third session. Coaching typically is completed within 8-10 regular in-person or virtual coaching sessions resulting in changed behaviors and a positive improved workplace culture.


Leadership Turnaround is the solution to retaining valuable employees with abrasive behaviors by helping them replace destructive behavior with Tact, consideration, and respect.


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Transformed Leader


“I knew as a leader I could be intense, I didn’t realize how much my intensity was negatively impacting my team. Through Bonnie’s Leadership Turnaround Coaching, I’m less reactive and more self-aware of how I interact with my employees. People who used to fear that I would blow up, now speak up with ideas. Our entire work culture is more cohesive and productive. I highly recommend Bonnie for any leader who wants to move past interpersonal blind spots and improve their leadership style.”

Transformed Leader


"Before coaching with Bonnie, I was disconnected from my employees. I now have the self-awareness and skills to balance leadership with humanity. Coaching opened my eyes on how to bring out the best in people and how my behavior affects employee performance both positively and negatively."