Lessons From James Taylor about Employee Engagement

I had the privilege of seeing singer/song writer James Taylor in concert this week-end.  I anticipated to be entertained by this legend in the music industry with his classic hits such as “You’ve Got a Friend” and “Fire and Rain”.  I got so much more as I watched how he interacted with his band.


As he introduced each of his band members, he commented on the unique contribution they have made either to the music industry or his band.  After his remarks, he then walked over to each person and either shook their hand or hugged them. In all the concerts I have been attended, I have never seen an artist show such respect to the band behind them. What I observed between James Taylor and his band was inspiring.


How often do you personally acknowledge to your employees for their unique contributions to the company? How often do you go to their space – their cubicle or office to personally say how much you appreciate them?  Research on employee engagement shows that the simple act of taking a personal interest in employees, especially by the direct supervisor, will be the greatest contributor to employee engagement.


During intermission I spoke to a woman who had been to five James Taylor concerts in the past.  I mentioned what I had observed in his introductions of his band members.  She said “oh yes, most of them have been with him for years”.   Quite a testament of employee engagement and loyalty to their employer!


Make the Conscious Choice to notice unique contributions your employees bring to your company and notice what happens to your employee engagement and loyalty!