Organizational Health:

The 911 Protocol to Strengthen and Sustain a High Performing Culture

Just like a germ that spreads from a sneeze or handshake, negativity, gossip, and blame are contagious. Unless you boost the immune system of your culture, destructive behaviors will infect how employees perform and ultimately sabotage profits.

Would you like to know how to be intentional and systematic to build a healthy work culture and quarantine the dysfunction? Would you like to learn a sustainable process that keeps your employees functioning at their highest level?

Work Culture Expert, Bonnie Artman Fox, knows the prescription to take your ordinary culture of status quo to world-class optimal health.


Strengthen the health of your organization by discovering:

  • The 8 step framework of the Fundamentals System™ of High Performing Culture
  • The game changer that drives results
  • The secret to making fundamental (healthy) behaviors stick
  • What makes your employees buy in to change
  • How neuroscience research backs organizational health

Good Fit For: Senior leaders, Family Owned Businesses, and HR Professionals who want a high performing, healthy organization and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Not a Good Fit For: Leaders who are willing to allow unhealthy behaviors to infect their organization and miss opportunities to stand out with competitors due to tolerating a culture of gossip, blame, and unresolved conflict.

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Speaking programs can range from an hour to half and full days, as well as, Executive Retreats. Each program is tailored to meet your needs, audience, and budget.

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