Overcoming Conflict Avoidance – Nicole Greer Podcast Episode Highlights

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed for Nicole Greer’s Build a Vibrant Culture Podcast

We had a great back-and-forth conversation about the crucial role that healthy conflict plays in fostering a supportive work environment.

During the podcast interview, we discussed:

  1. How to take responsibility for your own success in the workplace & how to practice pertinacity in the face of new challenges.
  2. The concept of the Family Factor® as discussed in my book, “How Did My Family Get In My Office?!” – particularly how our family upbringing impacts how we handle conflict in the workplace.
  3. The importance of a leader’s self-awareness in creating a healthy work culture through practicing healthy conflict management strategies. 

Nicole is a super fun and energetic podcast host. 

If your organization or team is seeking a boost of courage to stay in the tension of difficult conversations, confront abrasive behavior, and overcome conflict avoidance, tune in to my episode on the Build a Vibrant Culture Podcast. 

Let’s work together to build vibrant cultures where conflict is addressed directly and respectfully.

About the author 

Bonnie Artman Fox, MS, LMFT works with executive leaders who want to gain self-awareness about the impact of their words and actions and up-level their interpersonal skills. 

Drawing from decades as a psychiatric nurse and licensed family therapist, Bonnie brings a unique perspective to equip executive leaders with the roadmap to emotional intelligence that brings teams together. 

Bonnie’s leadership Turnaround coaching program has an 82% success rate in guiding leaders to replace abrasive behavior with tact, empathy, and consideration of others. The end result is a happy, healthy, and profitable workplace…sooner vs. later.

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