A Personal Message from Bonnie

To my e-newsletter followers over the past four years, and those of you who’ve followed me since the start of my business, thank you for being on this journey with me.

Shortly after moving to Pennsylvania, I founded A Conscious Choice. I transitioned from my work as a Marriage & Family Therapist to Executive Leadership Coach and Speaker. It was a natural transition as many of my clients in Chicago were executives.

I’ve learned a lot (oftentimes the hard way) in a few years. Always open to learning and improving, I like to re-evaluate my business plan from time to time and make sure I’m serving my clients in the best possible way. 

Through business coaching (yes, I invest in what I sell), I took a hard look at what worked, what didn’t, and why? It was frustrating at times, but certainly produced growth. Now, I have those three questions answered.

The Moment of Clarity

The moment of clarity came when I learned about the word “Mokita”. It’s a word from the Kivila language and spoken in Papua New Guinea. The word caught my attention because my brother-in-law worked in Papua New Guinea for several years and its meaning intrigued me.

Mokita means “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about”. An equivalent notion in the English language is the saying “elephant in the room.”

As a therapist, I diagnosed and treated “Mokitas” in marriages and families. Because it was one of my strengths, I helped reconcile many marriages and restored family relationships.

My new brand embodies the skill to identify and work through “Mokitas” to strengthen organizational health. 

Mokitas such as:

  • An abrasive boss who wreaks havoc on employees and co-workers, but is too talented or knowledgeable to be fired for it.
  • A long-time employee who is underperforming but has strong connections to senior management and won’t be held accountable.
  • A key stakeholder comes to work smelling like alcohol, has mood swings, or makes inappropriate comments, but because he/she is a high revenue producer, people look the other way.

Mokitas…”the truth we all know but agree not to talk about”.

Acknowledging the Abrasive, Toxic, Disruptive Behaviors in Your Organization

Similar to a family dynamic, sometimes it’s hard for leaders to acknowledge disruptive behavior.

It’s understandable.

Conflict and difficult conversations are uncomfortable, can be messy to unravel, and cause anxiety.

Yet when handled with the right set of behaviors, relationships grow stronger, trust builds, and employee productivity increases. People know they’ll be held accountable and stay focused on tasks and behaviors that are most critical to both personal and organizational success.

That’s what my new branding is all about.

My Commitment to you

My commitment to you is to equip you with skills, strategies, and behaviors to tackle the disruptive employee conduct that undermines your organizational health and success. Through training, coaching, and culture consulting, you will have a roadmap of behaviors that strengthen your culture. As a result, work gets done, and people have fun along the way. Plus, you have fewer headaches and less work!   

E-newsletter Format Going Forward

Thank you for the feedback on my previous e-newsletter content. I’ve gathered that although it’s helpful, it can be too much at once. Going forward, I’ll provide blogs about behaviors that drive organizational health and brain science tips to optimize your leadership resilience; but I’ll narrow down the content to make it easier to digest.

Together let’s replace Mokitas with Behaviors that Drive Success!

Bonnie Artman Fox works with senior leaders who want to remedy abrasive, disruptive employee conduct. She guides leaders to adopt behaviors that strengthen organizational health to transform their culture. From over 25 years in the healthcare and psychology fields, she applies her expertise to intervene, coach, and consult with leaders so teams get along, work gets done, and people have fun along the way! Click here to learn more or bring Bonnie to your company.

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