Practice the Human Touch

Recently a friend asked me to write a letter to each of her two teenagers who were going on a weekend retreat with their church. The purpose of the letters was to acknowledge them as unique individuals. During the retreat, time was set aside for the teens to read letters from family and friends who’ve been an important part of their lives. It was an honor to write the letters, and the words easily flowed from my pen as I told them what makes them exceptional people.

Regardless of age, status, or affluence, every human being wants to know they matter. It’s one of the key reasons why Southwest Airlines was named by Forbes as America’s #35 Best Employer of 2017. As part of their culture plan, they pay attention to special events in their employees’ personal lives. From births, kids’ graduations to marriages and family illnesses, Southwest acknowledges these events with flowers and cards.

The spirit behind practicing the human touch reminds us to see the good in others and show appreciation through handwritten notes or face-to-face encounters, which don’t take a lot of time, yet have a life-long impact. These simple gestures make a difference and bring humanity to the workplace.

If you send out holiday cards, consider adding a couple sentences to acknowledge the recipient’s specialness. Your handwritten note will make your card stand out amongst the majority of cards that simply have a pre-printed company name.

During the holidays and beyond, let’s be family members, friends, and colleagues who practice the human touch

Bonnie Artman Fox works with smart, committed leaders who want to create work cultures that bring out the best in their employees. From over 25 years in the healthcare and psychology fields, she specializes in behavior change that drives organizational performance. Click here to learn more or bring Bonnie to your company.

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