How Did My Family Get in My Office?

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- Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu®

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Decrease Conflict

Build Trust

Get Along Better with People at Work

When it comes to conflict in the workplace, people often respond with one of two extremes… Avoid it all cost or overreact with anger.

Either way nothing gets resolved and problems continue that divide teams.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • As an Employee, do you find yourself struggling with conflict with co-workers?
  • As a Manager, do you find yourself fixing the aftermath of conflict rather than addressing it as soon as it occurs?
  • As an Executive, do you wish you spent less time dealing with interpersonal issues and more time getting back to business?

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Without realizing it, how the conflict was handled in your upbringing is STILL influencing the way you lead, communicate, and deal with conflict today. Did your parents argue a lot? Was one a pleaser or a martyr? Did one keep the peace at any price?

As a licensed therapist and leadership coach, I understand how damaging unresolved conflict can be to an organization. That's why I’ve compiled stories of how real-life leaders have taken insights from their upbringing to improve how they address and resolve conflict today.

The good news is, YOU too can learn how to address conflict in healthy, proactive ways that serve you, your employees and co-workers, your customers, and your organization.

How Did My Family Get in My Office?! Surprising Ways Your Upbringing Impacts You At Work And What You Can Do About It shares how leaders from various industries and backgrounds have transformed their conflict style and how they deal with conflict in their workplace – instead of avoiding and letting differences impact performance and morale.

You'll discover how to be less reactive during the conflict and improve relationships with your coworkers, employees, and boss!

These stories will equip you to:

  • Overcome conflict avoidance
  • Recognize what's driving your conflict style
  • Set boundaries and hold people accountable
  • Identify how you're contributing to the underperformers on your team
  • Lead with a resilient mindset (even when you’ve had a bad day)

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Stop walking away from conflict thinking about what you wish you would have said or regretting what you did say!

The American Comedian, Judy Tenuta, said, “My parents always told me I wouldn’t amount to anything because I procrastinated so much. I told them, ‘Just you wait.’”

If there's anything Bonnie has learned in the over 25 years of helping people face conflict, it's this, waiting makes things worse. The time is now to finally discover how to deal with conflict diplomatically and effectively.

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