Productive Conflict Mastermind

Strategies to Handle Conflict with Ease


Leaders report spending up to 40% of their time putting out fires due to unresolved conflict.

In this mastermind, you will learn practical strategies to defuse conflict and bring your team together that will save you precious time.

Productive Conflict Mastermind Description:

Conflict is a part of every work environment. It’s not that conflict should be avoided. Rather it’s how conflict is handled that makes the difference between being productive vs. destructive.

Imagine knowing how to respond during tense conversations in a way that defuses tension and gets people talking about the real issue. Where employees talk directly to you and/or their co-workers instead of gossiping and fingerpointing. Where differences can be resolved and the outcome is a more cohesive team.

Disappointed diverse millennial team feeling despair because of bad results or falling statistics, upset colleagues shocked by negative bankruptcy news at company meeting, trying to solve problems.

You don’t have to imagine it, you can learn how to do it.

Based on the best-selling book, How Did My Family Get In My Office?!, this mastermind group will equip you with emotional intelligence skills to handle conflict productively.

You will learn from the stories of real-life leaders who share their personal transformation to change unproductive conflict approaches for the better. You will also participate in role-play exercises to practice implementing the skills you learn.  

In addition to the productive conflict management strategies from the book, you will also receive additional resources to reinforce what you learn.

Productive Conflict Mastermind Outcomes: 

  • Stay calm and grounded when conversations become heated at work
  • Listen and truly understand where your employees are coming from
  • Bring your team together
  • Improve team morale
  • Get more work done

As a result of focusing on changing the only person you can change (you), this mastermind group will improve your leadership effectiveness and credibility. You will also see a decrease in friction among  your employees as a result of applying what you learn with your team. 


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Eight-week mastermind group to equip leaders with skills, strategies, and courage to create a more cohesive team.