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Use the Below Resources to Resolve Conflict and Build Trust so your Team and Organization get Better Results!

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How to Turn Around Abrasive Leadership Behavior…In Ways you Never Thought Possible!

Geared for senior leaders and HR Professionals, this e-book outlines how to intervene with valued employees whose behavior undermines team productivity and organizational health.


Take Control of the Abrasive Situation

Learn the seven common reasons why managers avoid intervening with abrasive employees. Read in conjunction with the Take Control Workbook to move past your avoidance tendencies.


Take Control of the Abrasive Situation - Workbook

Read alongside the Take Control e-book and you’ll be empowered to intervene and stop the suffering in your work culture caused by abrasive employees.


Get the Facts

Clear up misunderstandings and stop gossip.


Got Mokitas?

25 Strategies to address the “Mokita” (the elephant in the office) that limits your team’s success.


10 Tips to Have the Conversation You're Avoiding

Use these 10 tips to stay on track and avoid a power struggle during difficult conversations.


6 Behaviors to Address, Diffuse & Resolve Conflict

Implement these 6 behaviors and you’ll resolve conflict productively!


Shift: From Reacting to Responding

Identify behaviors that derail productive conflict so you optimize conflict resolution.


Remember This

Overcome the brain’s tendency to dwell on the negative by redirecting your focus to notice what’s working well!

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