Emotional Intelligence

7 Surprising Ways to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone, Anytime


Never before do we need leaders who are emotionally and mentally healthy. Those who lead with self-awareness have a strong, positive presence that sets the tone for a productive work culture.

According to a 2019 Inc. article, LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner recently named communication and interpersonal skills the number one biggest skill gap in the U.S.

The good news is more than a third of millennials (36%) agree with Weiner saying it is "essential" to a company's long-term success that its employees and leaders have strong interpersonal skills. 

The not so good news is according to the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey, only 26% of millennials believe they are offered much help in developing skills to get along with co-workers.

The lack of interpersonal skills is undermining work performance, productivity, and morale.

Now more than ever, leaders and employees need to be aware of how to ….

  • Stay in control of your emotions, even when others don’t
  • Implement (7) ways to get along with others productively
  • Be a better listener and read between the lines

Regardless of what others do or don’t do, you have a choice of how you’re going to show up every day. Will you join the negativity of the majority and settle for the status quo or will you make the conscious choice to be the manager, leader, or business owner that sets the tone for a healthy work culture?

The choice is yours.

Discover how you can make the conscious choice to get along with others that creates a positive rapport and respect among team members. 

You will leave with self-awareness strategies to become more attuned to your blind spots so every day you show-up as your best in order to get along with (almost) anyone, anytime.

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