How Did My Family Get in My Office?!

When at work -

  • Do you experience angry outbursts, hurt feelings, or finger pointing?
  • Do you ever find yourself covering for a co-worker?
  • Do you often end up being the “fixer” trying to keep the peace?

Have you noticed that these behaviors mimic what happened in your family growing up?

Bonnie Artman Fox has learned from her 25+ years as a psychiatric nurse that the way we handle (or don’t handle) conflict at work is often a learned behavior that resulted from how our parents handled (or didn’t handle) conflict at home.

In this eye-opening program, you’ll discover how to ….

  • Uncover how your parents (your first leaders) influenced your mindset about conflict
  • Assess whether your current conflict style is helping or hurting your relationships
  • Discover healthy, pro-active ways to deal with difficult behavior and unresolved conflict
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Did you know research has shown that unresolved conflict costs organizations approximately $359 billion in paid hours or the equivalent of 385 million working days? 

In this highly interactive program, you will learn exactly how your upbringing is impacting your effectiveness - for better or for worse – and how to keep what is working and change what isn’t.  

Whether you are a manager, executive, entrepreneur, or employee, you will walk away with new tools for handling sensitive situations, building trust, and creating cooperation.   

You will love Bonnie’s warmth, humor, and relatable examples. Even more importantly, you will be inspired to immediately apply your “aha moments” in ways that instantly improve your relationships on and off the job.