How Did My Family Get In My Office?

Senior Leaders Pathway to Conflict Management

Conflict can start with a snide remark or a condescending look. It can range from a simple misunderstanding to a shouting match. It’s often fueled by personality clashes, stress, and ego.

Research has shown that unresolved conflict costs organizations approximately $359 billion in paid hours or the equivalent of 385 million working days. How conflict is handled can make the difference between a productive organization with low turnover and one that closes its doors due to disputes that never got resolved.

In this eye-opening program, you will learn what senior leaders from various industries learned in their family about dealing with conflict and how it affects their conflict management style today.

Whether you are a CEO, manager, or business owner, you will walk away invigorated to view conflict as a catalyst for positive change and pathway to improve organizational health, productivity, and innovation.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify how family dynamics impact conflict management styles
  • Minimize personality clashes and resolve conflict quickly
  • Be a catalyst for productive conflict

Great fit for: Senior Leaders, Family Owned Businesses, HR Professionals and Managers who want a unique approach to conflict management that will improve how conflict is addressed and resolved.

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