How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

Surprising Ways your Family Shows Up at Work…Uninvited

Did you know research has shown that unresolved conflict costs organizations approximately $359 billion in paid hours or the equivalent of 385 million working days? How conflict is handled can make the difference between a profitable, productive organization and one that closes its doors due to disputes that never got resolved.

In this eye-opening program, you will learn surprising ways your upbringing has impacted your conflict style - for better or for worse – and how you can keep what works and change what doesn’t.

Whether you are a manager, executive, entrepreneur, or employee, you will walk away with new tools for resolving conflict, building trust, creating cooperation, and producing bottom-line results.


As a result of this session, participants will be able to::

  • Understand how and why your parents were your “first leaders”
  • Assess how your current power-persuasion style is helping or hurting your relationships with others
  • Discover healthy, pro-active ways to deal with difficult behavior, challenges, and conflict

Great fit for: Senior Leaders, Family Owned Businesses, HR Professionals and Managers who want a unique approach to conflict management that will improve how conflict is addressed and resolved.

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Speaking programs can range from an hour to half and full days, as well as, Executive Retreats. Each program is tailored to meet your needs, audience, and budget.

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