How to Have the Difficult Conversation You’ve been Avoiding

There's nothing that prolongs conflict or poor employee performance more than avoidance. Avoidance comes with many serious costs – from tolerating bullying to looking the other way when mistakes are made.


When you need to have a difficult conversation, would you like to:

  • Know what to say – when you don’t know what to say?
  • Prevent a “he said, she said” conflict?
  • Keep your cool – even when others aren’t?

If so, you’re in the right place.

42% of employees believe that managers could address work conflict more effectively by having more informal one-to-one conversations with people they manage. This workshop will show you how to speak with proactive candor and listen to what's really being said to prevent emotional hijacks during difficult conversations.


You’ll walk out of this program knowing how to:

  • Address (rather than avoid) conflict
  • Use responsive (vs. reactive) language
  • Create more productive, trusting, and connected relationships at work

Great fit for: Senior Leaders, Family Owned Businesses, HR Professionals and Managers who want to increase skills, confidence, and composure during difficult employee conversations and strengthen the health of your work culture.

Ready To Get Started?

Speaking programs can range from an hour to half and full days, as well as, Executive Retreats. Each program is tailored to meet your needs, audience, and budget.

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