How to Deal with Abrasive, Bullying, Aggressive Behavior

Did you know a report in Harvard Business Review cited that “managers at Fortune 1,000 firms spend an equivalent of seven weeks a year addressing the aftermath of incivility?”

Can you relate?

Do you sometimes feel you’re between a rock and a hard place? Do you have a high-performer who brings in a lot of business, accounts, or revenue but who “rubs people the wrong way?” Does this individual negatively impact the performance, productivity, or morale of other employees?  

Would you like clarity on how to proactively address this individual’s behavior?

If so, you’ll appreciate this interactive program that shows specific ways to hold these individuals accountable for inappropriate behavior.


As a result of this session, participants will be able to::

  • Set and enforce behavior boundaries
  • Identify strategies to encourage others to be self-motivated to adopt the career-enhancing skill of empathy
  • Motivate high performer's contribution while being more aware of - and responsible for - how their actions affect others

Great fit for: Senior Leaders, Family Owned Businesses, HR Professionals, and Managers who want to retain the expertise of leaders while eliminating the risk of attrition, litigation, or anti-organization sentiment related to abrasive leadership.

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