Solving the Problem of Abrasive Leaders

Stop Workplace Suffering and Strengthen Organizational Health

Research reported in the Harvard Business Review has cited that managers at Fortune 1,000 firms spend an equivalent of seven weeks a year addressing the aftermath of incivility, including mending employee relationships.

As an HR professional or manager of an abrasive leader, perhaps you can relate.

You’re between a rock and a hard place. On one hand the abrasive leader offers technical expertise that’s of critical importance to your organization. On the other hand, their behavior rubs their coworkers the wrong way. These executives and professionals (including physicians and attorneys) engage in interpersonally aggressive behavior that impacts employee emotional distress. In addition, tolerating abrasive behavior costs your organization lost productivity, employee turnover, and brand reputation.

Based on brain science and research in the coaching of abrasive leaders, this interactive program will provide insight into why bosses bully and what it takes for employers to intervene with abrasive behavior.


Participants will be able to:

  • Implement three steps to intervene with unacceptable behavior
  • Set limits and avoid fact battles
  • Protect the well-being of your company culture

Great fit for: Senior Leaders, Family Owned Businesses, HR Professionals, and Managers who want to retain the expertise of leaders while eliminating the risk of attrition, litigation, or anti-organization sentiment related to abrasive leadership.

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