Get Your Own Kleenex

By Bonnie Artman Fox / June 19, 2018
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It was the mid 90’s when I joined my first mastermind group. There were eight of us, all in different professions, who were in their first leadership roles. We grew to be a tight knit group as we mutually shared challenges in our jobs and searched for ideas on how to take our leadership to…

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From Brutal To Supportive…How An Abrasive Leader Changed

By Bonnie Artman Fox / February 2, 2016
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At a recent training I was attending, I met Barb, a COO who after learning about my coaching program for abrasive leader turnaround, without skipping a beat she said “I was an abrasive leader”. Intrigued by her humility and willingness to share so openly to someone she had just met, I asked if we could…

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