I didn’t realize how much my intensity was negatively impacting my team. Through Bonnie’s leadership coaching, I’m less reactive and more self-aware of how I interact with my employees. People who used to fear that I would blow up, now speak up with ideas. Our entire work culture is more cohesive and productive.

Dave Louis

Executive Director, PA Adult & Teen Challenge

Bonnie's coaching program helped me to improve awareness of myself and others during conflict. Now I'm better able to initiate and engage in difficult conversations that I used to avoid. Role-playing of a particular situation was especially helpful and empowered me to show up with clarity and confidence during a conversation that in the past I would have given into just to keep the peace."


HR Professional

I used to view a difficult conversation as a necessary evil, often resulting in avoidance of the issue. Since working with Bonnie, I recognize the need to address conflict early, clearly, and firmly. Bonnie has inspired me to confront these situations with an open heart and mind while remaining true to myself.

Donna Grote

HR Manager


“Bonnie’s ability to thoughtfully present real-world strategies to deal with conflict while maintaining a fun and engaging conversation with the group led to exceedingly positive feedback from the cohort.”

Chad M. Amond

President, Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce


“Bonnie’s presentation on Conflict Management was captivating and memorable.  She helps us understand ourselves and how we interact with others in a way that motivates us to overcome obstacles together.”

Nate Stephens, PE

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions


“Bonnie has the ability to engage and motivate people, deliver actionable concepts, and provide singular insight into interpersonal dynamics that forge an effective workplace. I recommend her to any executive who recognizes the centrality of emotional intelligence to the leader’s ability to recruit, inspire, and manage healthy, productive teams.”

Robert L. Jamison

President and Founder, Adam's Quest


Every time Bonnie gives a presentation the students ask if we can have her back again next week. Her tips and strategies are practical and easy to implement into our busy and hectic daily lives.”

Beth Caldwell

Lead Instructor and Founder , Leadership Academy for Women


Bonnie has given me tools to work through conflict. Her message resonates in the mind and hearts of her listeners Bonnie’s solutions are easy, practical, and effective – quite literally food for thought and action!

Dottie Coll

President, Two Men and a Truck®


“Bonnie’s keynote started our annual conference off with enthusiasm and energy! She gave us practical strategies to influence decision-makers and handle difficult conversations with more confidence. Many attendees have commented on Bonnie as their favorite speaker of the day!” 

Lynn Athey

Conference Chair, Westmoreland Human Resource Association


Bonnie pulls in her audience with relatable, real-life experiences. The audience was nodding in agreement as she described the similarities between personal family dynamics with the workplace family. Her simple but effective ideas offer a unique perspective on how to handle difficult conversations with more effectiveness. Bonnie is truly a professional and a pleasure to work with at every encounter.

Mary Moximchalk, RD, LDN

Excela Health WORKS Occupational Medicine


“Working with Bonnie I learned I used anger to get people to respond to what I wanted, it was a short cut, not the right way to deal with situations I felt uncomfortable about. I gained tools to work through conflict instead of avoid it or make my problems, other people’s problems.”



“I thought I was a humble person. Through Leadership Turnaround, I learned how arrogant I was and my actions were driven by fear of appearing not good enough. I now accept feedback without becoming defensive and welcome ways to be better”



“I have realized how immature I have been in relationships when I didn’t get my way. I have learned how to deal with conflict, keep conversation going when things get tense, and stay connected instead of check out.”



“I went into the workshop “Three Keys to a Positive Work Culture” anticipating the usual conflict resolution skills.  I was pleasantly surprised that Bonnie’s approach in dealing with conflict offers a unique approach that sets a more positive tone to difficult conversations that makes both parties more open to working through the problem.  At the Chamber Office, I heard many positive comments about how members would use her approach in their work setting.”

Joanne Pearson

Director of Operations, Westmoreland County Chamber


“Bonnie’s training, Calm – Positive – Resilient: CPR for Leaders© made a big difference in my consulting practice. I became aware of several negative mental mindsets in my sales activities, and have been able to implement positive actions that have made a big difference in my sales effectiveness.”

Al Ritter

Ritter Consulting Group


“Your presentation Mindfulness:  From Stress and Overwhelm to Focus and Resilience was thought-provoking and very meaningful.  Thanks again so much, Bonnie.  We are working to take better care of ourselves and you just gave us a real boost and direction in how to do so.  I keep using the physical example….we are training our minds just like we train our muscles!”

Doug Clewett

Chief Operating Officer, Community Human Services


“I’ve been an attorney for ten years.  I came to Bonnie when I felt professionally stuck and my inner critic was in fourth gear! Bonnie’s unique strategies, which are different from popular wisdom, gave me skills to take control of my thinking so I’m in charge instead of my inner critic. Today, I’m firmly grounded and confident in what I have to offer. In fact, I’m in the midst of a positive and exciting career shift within the legal field. My work with Bonnie was the springboard. Changing my mindset had a positive ripple effect on my ten-year-old son, who now also uses the skills I learned. He says his inner critic went away!”