The Foundational Skill to Your Success in Life and at Work

If you had to choose one skill that would elevate your success, what would you choose?

Conflict resolution?

According to research by organizational psychologist, Tasha Eurich, the foundational skill for success in both business and life is self-awareness. Further, she states “We can only be as effective at any skill to the degree we are self-aware.

Which leads to my next question – To what degree do you view yourself as self-aware? More specifically, what rating would you give yourself as the ability to understand yourself and how other people see you?


 In her book Insight: The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves, and Why the Answers Matter More Than We Think, Tasha’s research shows that 95% of people view themselves as self-aware. When in reality the real number of self-aware people is closer to 10-15% of the population!

That’s a staggering difference!

I love this quote in her book “On a good day, 80% of us are lying to ourselves about whether we’re lying to ourselves”.

3 Questions to Boost your Self-Awareness

If you’re ready to become more self-aware, Tasha suggests the following questions as a daily check-in. She cautions from over-thinking your answers. Instead, write down the first thing that comes to mind:

1. What went well today?

2. What didn’t go so well today?

3. What can I do to be smarter tomorrow?

Next week, I’ll share another exercise Tasha suggests to gain self-awareness of how others perceive you. Stayed tuned!

When you make the conscious choice to become more self-aware, you have the foundational skill for your success in life and at work.

About the author

Bonnie Artman Fox has a background as Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Psychiatric Registered Nurse. Today her primary role is working with leaders as an organizational health consultant to create work cultures employees never want to leave. Bonnie is the author of the best-selling book How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

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