When Your Purpose Is Taken Away

Seventeen people arrived for the interview, nervous yet determined.  You see this wasn’t your typical interview.  It was an audition for a chorus lineThe 17 people soon learned that only eight would be chosen, four women and four men.  Then tension mounted.

As the audition continued with the dancers learning more dance steps and lyrics, the audience in the play Chorus Line learned the story behind each dancer’s line “I really need this job”.  We learned their heartache, events from their upbringing, even romantic relationships that didn’t work out.  In the number just before the Director would announce his choices, a male dancer was injured and taken to the hospital. After he was carried off the stage, instead of moving on to announce who would make the Chorus Line, the Director asked “what would you do if you could no longer dance?”  It was a legitimate question since it was clear the dancer that was injured would not be selected.  The dancers appeared baffled by the thought of not being able to do what they loved anymore, what had been their purpose.


What happens when you can’t dance anymore?


Perhaps you are facing a job loss or work situation that while you enjoy your job, you have encountered some kind of setback.  You can’t imagine doing anything other than your current role.  You love your profession, you are good at it, and yet due to downsizing, a health issue, or age, you can’t do it anymore.  You can’t dance.  Or perhaps due to an abrasive boss it would be better for your health not to stay in the current work conditions. You can no longer tolerate a boss that undermines your efforts, takes credit for your work, or criticizes your every move.  For the sake of your health, you have decided to get away from the constant tension yet the reality is there are few jobs in your given field or jobs that are available would require a geographic move.  You don’t want to leave your community, family and friends yet the conditions under which you are working are taking a toll on your mental and physical well being.


What do you do when you lose your purpose?


Whether you are facing a job loss, difficult relationship, or health concern, life as you once knew it is no longer.  How do you handle it?
No matter what happens in life, it is your mindset that determines how you handle it.
In the next e-zine we will address three commons negative mindsets when facing setbacks, loss, or you can’t dance anymore and how to overcome them.
In the meantime, please share how you have handled a difficulty in your life.



When facing challenges, make the Conscious Choice to choose a mindset that propels you to move forward even when the next steps aren’t clear 

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