Who We Work With

We work with Senior Executives, Business Owners, and Human Resource Professionals that recognize past proven methods no longer work in the constantly changing business world today.   They recognize that finding new ways of embracing ambiguity and keep a competitive advantage is key to survival.  In the face of increasing pressure and uncertainty, these Leaders know they need new methods in how to manage the constant barrage of distractions while attending to their most valuable asset – their employees.

Can you identify with any of these statements? 

  • You are in a constant state of partial attention from a barrage of communications in emails, text message, and social media?

    In order to stay current and visible to your prospects, it’s important to have a social media presence.  However, these same tools can take a toll on focus and concentration in order to successfully complete a job well done. 

  • You want better control over your response when things don’t go as planned.

    Whether by nature you have a tendency towards impatience or because of the amount of pressure you are under, you are quick tempered, and make negative responses to your team or clients you can’t take back.   You want to be able to stay calm when emotionally triggered and respond with an attitude that fosters the good instead of tears others down. 

  • You have a high rate of turnover and tension within your team and/or organization.

    Instead of hearing about unhappy employees directly, you hear through the rumor mill people don’t feel their input matters, are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution, and don’t trust your leadership.  Issues go ungrounded and unresolved and you lose some of your best people to competitors.

  • You feel pressure to produce more with fewer resources?

    Due to the fast pace and urgent demands upon you it’s starting to take toll on your stamina, relationships, and overall demeanor.  You may have even taken some shortcuts ethically or morally to deal with the pressure and to keep going.  The cost of not doing something about it could be your health, family, and career.

  • You are depleted in creativity and innovation.

    In order to stay on the cutting edge of business survival, having fresh ideas is essential.  You may feel discouraged and even burnt out.  You question the validity of doing things that are energy giving because they seem like a waste of time and wouldn’t add to the bottom line. 

  • You half listen during meetings and conversations

    because your mind is either on the last meeting or planning for the next event on your calendar.  You may think you are more productive when you multitask, but research shows it makes you less efficient. Your team, clients, prospects, and loved ones can tell when you are distracted and not fully listening.  It leaves them wondering how much you care about what’s important to them and if you only want to push your own agenda. 

If you could learn skills that could improve your focus and help you manage the demands you are under, would you do it?  What if these same skills would not only improve your work life, but also improve your personal relationships?  If you are ready for things to be better, read on…

Ideal Client

We are realistic that our approach is not a fit for everyone.  We have identified key characteristics of those who have had the best results – can you relate to any of the following:

  • You are aware that how you show-up in the workplace influences the culture of the entire team and organization.

    Research shows that your presence as a leader can help your employees function to their optimum by your influence of creating a positive work culture.  Your attitude and demeanor set the tone for how others will respond to you and you want it to be inspiring.

  • You are willing to look within and grow.

    You have the willingness and humility to increase your self-awareness and recognize how beneficial this can be to your leadership.  By being open to ongoing learning you set a tone for the organization of people learning from one another to foster collaboration and cohesiveness. 

  • You take responsibility for your actions – especially when you make mistakes.

    You don’t ask anything of your employees, team, or clients that you wouldn’t do yourself.  The ability to apologize while admitting “I was wrong” is one of those character traits that can move a team and organization farther along than any strategic plan. 

  • You genuinely appreciate your employees and want them to enjoy coming to work.

    The most successful leaders are intentional about creating a work culture of “we” instead of “I”.  You recognize your best asset is people and you want them to know how much you value them. 

  • You recognize the importance of having clear values that exemplify character, integrity, and honesty.

    You desire to do the right thing, even when it’s costly.  You want to have the mental clarity to stay true to values that serve as your compass when tempted to go off course.  

  • You want to create lasting change, instead of putting a band aid on problems.

    In order to turn challenges around effectively, the root of the problem has to be identified and resolved.  You are willing to put forth time and effort to implement the practices of our approach in order to sustain change and obtain the most optimal outcome. 

We recognize there are a lot of approaches to improving leadership.  Our methods create life-long changes for Leaders who want to invest in themselves and their future.

Now that you understand who we work with and the type of issues we address, click this link to find out How We Work.