Why self-control is the engine of your success

Do you have a goal you’ve been intending to reach, but for one reason or another, haven’t reached the finish line yet? 

Something you’ve been waiting to accomplish for a long time and have been putting off?

  • Finishing a project?
  • Addressing dysfunction on your team?
  • Having a difficult conversation?

If so, you may find the If-Then Plan beneficial.

Developed by Psychologist Peter Gollwitzer, the If-Then plan not only helps to achieve goals, it also gets you in the habit of changing your behavior and building self-control. 

For example, if you have a difficult time staying level headed during conflict. The If-Then plan helps you prepare for a successful outcome by deciding in advance how you’ll respond.  

To apply the If-Then plan, follow these two steps:

  1. Identify your typical go-to tendency during conflict like yelling, people-pleasing, blaming, or checking out as soon as things get tense. 
  2. Identify what you’ll do instead to stay in control of your response so the conflict gets addressed productively.


If I feel triggered during a team meeting, Then I’ll focus on breathing to ground myself so I don’t say something I’ll later regret.

If an employee isn’t following through with a task, Then I’ll speak with them privately with a curiosity mindset to find out what’s getting in their way.

Identifying your If-Then plan builds your self-control so you’re more likely to show up as your best and follow-through achieving your goals. 

Are you ready to build your self-control and turbocharge your success? Book a strategy call and together we’ll create a personalized plan to propel your goals forward.

About the author 

Bonnie Artman Fox, MS, LMFT works with executive leaders who want to gain self-awareness about the impact of their words and actions and up-level their interpersonal skills. 

Drawing from decades as a psychiatric nurse and licensed family therapist, Bonnie brings a unique perspective to equip executive leaders with the roadmap to emotional intelligence that brings teams together. 

Bonnie’s leadership Turnaround coaching program has an 82% success rate in guiding leaders to replace abrasive behavior with tact, empathy, and consideration of others. The end result is a happy, healthy, and profitable workplace…sooner vs. later.

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