Interpersonal Success Coaching

Coaching for leaders who want to elevate their interpersonal success through emotional intelligence skills.

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Stop fighting fires and start celebrating wins

Most leaders never get real training to develop those make-or-break interpersonal skills: how to have difficult conversations, build trust, and work effectively as a team. When that growth doesn’t happen – you get stuck fighting fires instead of celebrating wins.

So what can you do to lead where others fail?
Invest in your interpersonal leadership.

Impactful leaders are willing to ask...

“What’s it like to be on the other side of me?”

Studies show that the most effective leaders are masters of emotional intelligence. They know their blind spots, and know themselves. They understand their Workplace Family Factor® - the energizing self-awareness that drives their abilities to powerfully connect with others, informed by their upbringing and communication style. And most importantly, they are willing to “go first” and set the example.

Are you ready to model to your team the types of healthy behavior that’ll drive powerful change at your organization? Simply put, while your IQ might have gotten you your job, your EQ (emotional intelligence) is what will get you promoted and keep your team together.

two caucasian corporate executives in casual wear having a business discussion in office.

Interpersonal Success Coaching is for leaders who know the success of their team starts with them.


This program will equip you to be an impactful leader by guiding you to…

  • Succeed at strategic initiatives thanks to the undervalued benefits of increased interpersonal / emotional intelligence skills
  • Resolve conflict productively as you become more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations with your team and others
  • Connect more strongly with your team – keeping them engaged with increased empathy
  • Set clear and well-followed boundaries between what’s your responsibility and your employees (so you can stop fire-fighting)
  • Listen so that employees feel understood and valued and want to stay and contribute for the long-term
  • Thrive in having an objective outsider (an experienced leadership coach) to debrief and navigate the tough challenges you face
  • Overcome potential (or current) team dysfunction
  • Run more effective and productive meetings, so you and your team can accomplish more together

To make that happen, here’s what you’ll receive with Interpersonal Success Coaching:

  • Comprehensive guidance from and access to expert leadership coach, Bonnie Artman Fox
  • Creation of your “Team Playbook,” an empowering framework to develop and sustain your healthy team
  • Identify your natural talents that give you energy and have the ability to power your success as a leader
  • Learn from leaders who’ve successfully transformed their interpersonal skills and conflict style in the “What’s your Family Factor®" Mini-course
  • Complimentary, signed copy of Bonnie’s bestselling book, How Did My Family Get In My Office?!

If you’re ready to tap into your interpersonal potential and be set up for more success, set a free consultation with Bonnie to get started.